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Red Striped Cotton Cloth & Pelmet French 18th Century

£1,200.00 Approx $1650.62, €1405.15

Code: 11393


W: 428cm (168.5")H: 275cm (108.3")

Late 18th century French woven red, saffron yellow and a touch of indigo striped woven cotton from Provence.A rare, beautiful sand simple textile that is unused so retains its slightly crisp feel.Bordered on both edges by a cotton ribbon printed in a red and saffron yellow and black Greek key pattern.Its original use most likely as bed hangings.

The pelmet is bordered on all sides by the ribbon, with a lovely chanvre tape at its top edge. Measures 230tcm wide x 26.5cm

Slight separation where the black is overprinted on the ribbon at the top of the panel and a bit of damage in one or two other places on the ribbon