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Paisley Blockprinted Cotton Quilt French 19th Century

£1,300.00 Approx $1595.09, €1450.89

Code: 11087


W: 228cm (89.8")H: 250cm (98.4")

French Circa 1840 cotton quilt blockprinted with large scale paisley motifsin reds, blues,green and mauves with a touch of saffron yellow.A great exhuberant design, tha boteh motif has beautiful trailing arched curlicues at its top and sides.The cotton is very smooth with a very slight sheen finish with a deep ribbed border,

.Backed in a very tiny pink check.

Some slight discolouration on some of the edged ribbing 

, otherwise very fresh and. Lean looking.The reverse has some marks which do not appear on the front of the quilt