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Red Toile de Beautiran Cotton Panel French 18th century


Code: 11046


W: 162cm (63.8")H: 345cm (135.8")

French c.1785 toile from Beautiran telling the story of 'Diane et Endymion' about how the Roman goddess Diane fell in love with Endymion a young shepherd living on a mountain tending his sheep.With other romantic and pastoral scenes.Printed in a lovely red colour and stitched in a simple diamond pattern onto a rustic linen.

At the top there is a rare thing to find the 'chef de piece' or the makers mark in this case J.Meillier et Cie de Beautiran.

This piece was originally used as a bedcover, there is a pink trimmed scalloped detail  going across where the foot of the bed might have been.

Some small tears and repairs to the side of the panel