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Set of Chintz Pelmets & Panel French C1820s

Set of Chintz Pelmets & Panel French C1820s

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W: 124cm (48.8")H: 362cm (142.5")

£1,750.00 Approx $2215.19, €2042.01

Glorious set of circa 1820s French chintz quilted panel with 5 pelmets.Beautiful clear colours and gorgeous depiction of roses and other flowers in a stripe pattern against a stippled ground.

In a good antique as found condition with sun damage causing unevenss in the  background colour on the pelmets and panel .

The panel has uneven an background colour with the top half darker than the lower half.which 

Panel 124cm wide x 362cm


136cm x 89cm

2 @ 200cm x 89cm 

2 @ 187cm x 69cm