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Indigo and Saffron Yellow Quilt

Indigo and Saffron Yellow Quilt

Code: 11116


W: 132cm (52")H: 158cm (62.2")


French early 19th century cotton quilt with a border of a beautiful shade of indigo and the center a gorgeous saffron yellow.Simple stitched patterns of diamond shapes with a flower motif at the center.Back in a blockprinted cotton with small diamond shapes.

The quilt has a very robust feel and is quite densely padded which has caused a few weak spots to appear with a tiny bit of the wool padding to appear in a few places.

As the saffron yellow is naturally dyed there is some unevenness in the colour going across the piece.

the saffron yellow measures 90 cm wide x 111cm

The indigo border is 23cm deep.