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Indienne Curtain & 16 Panels French 19th Century

Indienne Curtain & 16 Panels French 19th Century

Code: 11585


W: 168cm (66.1")H: 370cm (145.7")

£4,900.00 Approx $6140.35, €5704.31

Circa 1870s French Indienne printed cotton large single curtain and many panels that might have covered the walls of a room.Wonderful movement in the meandering branches and multi-coloured leafed vines.

Gorgeous trim gathering on the single curtain.Great weight of cotton and in good condition.A few panels have a bit of sun discolouration on their sides or some scattered small halls.

Curtain:168cm x 370cm

Panels:240cm x 340cm, 160cm x 270cm, 160cm x 285cm, 140cm x 285cm, 77cm x 300cm, 85cm x 270cm, 50cm x 280, 240cm x 210cm,160cm x 22cm, 210cm x 210cm, 80cm x 200cm, 80cm x 150cm

80cm x 120cm, 37cm x 280cm, 80cm x 160cm

Pieces:84cm x 57cm, 84cm x 33cm