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Woven Leaves Cushion French 18th Century

Woven Leaves Cushion French 18th Century

Code: 11750


W: 74cm (29.1")H: 41cm (16.1")

£280.00 Approx $355.33, €327.49

Circa 1780-90s French cambresine textile cushion.A soft and pretty textile of woven variagated bleu de pastel leafs in alternating diections woven on a white cotton.Backed in a soft natural indigo hand dyed 19th century French linen.Slipstitched closed with a duck feather cushion pad..

Created from an as found 18th century quilted textile with all its charming hand stitched quirks including uneven stitching and joined pieces.With some uneveness in colour of the leaves.Finished with pale blue cotton antique tassels at each corner.